Hebrews 12:1 says that we are to run the race with perseverance and a large cloud of witnesses surround us. The race described here is the spiritual race that we are part of. The word cloud that is used here represents a dense multitude of people. These people are the faithful servants that have gone on before us and are looking over the balcony of heaven cheering us on. They are leaning over yelling “Keep going, I made it and you can, too! I know it’s hard, but the reward is worth it! Don’t quit! The finish line is not too far ahead!”

This reminds me of a marathon I competed in. Some of the signs said,  You’re doing great, Run like you stole something, its just a hill get over it, take your time we are going shopping and my favorite Did you lock the car?  The idea was to cheer the runners on when they felt like giving up. The faithful servants of God are on the sidelines now and cheering us on when we feel like giving up.

The first step to finish the race is to throw off the weight that hinders us. if a runner wore a weighted vest during a race they probably wouldn’t win the race. With perseverance, they would finish just not do as good they could have had.
When running a race, almost anything that adds weight to the runner is a hindrance.

Now when running our spiritual race anything that is a hindrance will slow us down. It will keep us from effectively running the race God has for us. Our choices are not always between right and wrong, but between something that may hinder us and something else that may not. Is there a weight in your life you must lay aside?

A hindrance is distinguished here from sins. They include things that are not intrinsically wrong, but they’re wrong because they keep you from running as you should. Someone might life golf because they love to witness to others while out in creation hitting the ball around. For others, it is a waste of time and money. A parachute would be unnecessary baggage for a mountain climber, but it is essential for a skydiver. This can be said of most hobbies.

What weight are you going to throw off today to run a better spiritual race?