Sometimes we all need a fresh start.

Jacob ended up as the patriarch of Israel. He had 12 sons who became the 12 tribes of Isreal. But life wasn’t always that way for him.

Jacob’s fresh start happened when he was middle-aged. He just lied to his blind, old father to cheat his brother out of his family blessing (“inheritance”). His brother is so mad that he’s threatening to kill him. Up until now, he has been a stay at home son. His biggest adventure has been creating new recipes. Now he is on a 500-mile journey walking to find his mother’s relatives.

Jacob walks all day. He is tired and can only find a rock for a pillow. He lays down and reflects on his first night away from home. Imagine what he is thinking. He finally achieved what he always wanted. The family birthright. The family Inheritance. Now he could be scared of the future. It is a 500-mile walk through dangerous territory. He is a cook not and a comper. He could feel regret. He did deceive his elderly father to get the family birthright. He could feel excitement because he was going to check out some girls to find a wife. He had man thoughts as he got comfortable on his rocky pillow.

He was right where God wanted him. He was alone. He was free from distractions. Jacob has his first real encounter with God that night. God shows up to Jacob when Jacob really needed him. God speaks to Jacob and begins to share with him what the future will be like. God gives him hope and  Jacob was given a glimpse into the supernatural world.

Instead of God telling Jacob he can’t use him anymore because of what he did. God assured Jacob about his future and promises him that he won’t leave him. Jacob wakes up in the morning makes an altar to worship God.

The good news for all of us is that God will complete the work that he has started with you.  Take some time today to be alone with God and get a fresh start.