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Working with Hinds Feet gives authors like you a wealth of options, all under one roof, ranging from cover design and editing to ghostwriting and audio-book production. Our step-by-step process is designed to allow content creators like you to focus on your specific area of genius while the mechanics of publishing of your book is handled with efficiency and professionalism.


Ghost Writing

You have the idea and the story, but you don’t have the time.  We have published authors on our team who will work with you to get your story written and published.  Over Skype, over the phone and over the internet, our team of professional authors will help you, right where you are.

Book Cover

We have a talented team of graphic designers who are ready to help you design the perfect book cover for your novel, instructional book, how-to or devotional.  Taking cues from your writing and your personality, our team will create an intuitively-designed book cover that will grab readers’ attention on Amazon and in the store.

Audio Book

Your book will come out in a number of formats, and especially, in today’s market, audio book.  When it comes to audio books, we can help you record your book, or we will secure the services of a professional voice talent to speak your book. in 4 formats: published, Kindle, ebook, and audio book.  You can record your book, or we can get voice talent to speak your book.



Writing your final draft isn’t enough – your latest book won’t be finished until it’s fully and professionally edited.  With our great team of editors, we’ll help your book to shine as it’s effectively structured and polished. We keep your voice and vision intact while fixing the major issues and little nuances.


Once your book is ready for market, it needs to be published – digitally, as an audio book and as a print-on-demand book.  We handle all of that. So, If you just want a few hundred copies of your book to present or sell to friends and family, OR if you want a major push in all formats, we can do that for you. All our services are offered cafeteria style, allowing you to select just the publishing services you need for you to reach your book’s goal.


With so many formats and so many avenues to market your book, we’ll help you choose your target audiences and the best way of reaching them. With our “small publisher”, using innovative tactics developed just for you and your book, we help facilitate your literary marketing goals, from book signings to getting your book listed as an Amazon best-seller.

Work with a Team of Talented Publishing Ninjas

As noted above, our team of professionals  will work quickly to accomplish your goals in the publishing of your book,  With your best interests in mind, they will get your book to market ready to be a big win for you.

Our Latest Projects

Having just launched, we have several projects in the making.  Here are some of our projects.

Let’s Work Together

Connect with us and let’s chat about your dream of publishing that book.  Our professional team is ready to make your dream a reality..

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